For more than 50 years, this company has been manufacturing flexible machines and plants for the processing of rebar. Their special strength is to be seen in the development and manufacture of tailor-made plants and machines.

Below you can find the most common (after sales) spare parts we supply for Progress machines.


The right combination of hardness, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity is necessary to ensure the best weld and longest lifetime.

If you are looking for electrodes with a longer lifespan please let us know so that we are able to give you our advice.

Electrode Holders

The electrodes will be kept on their place in the machine by the electrode holders and current bridges. This copper part does not have so much wear and tear and can be produced in much softer copper alloy’s like E-cu or CuCrZr.

Laminated Shunts

These flexible shunts are used in the machine to bring over the welding current to the electrode holders. They do not wear like the electrodes but should also be maintained if necessary or re-placed.

Welding Transformers

We can offer welding transformers either standard or completely build to your requirements.

We produce our own cores which reduces our lead time to a total of 4 weeks. Send us your requirements by simply sending a picture of the parameter plate on the transformer and a dimension sheet.

Non-Copper parts

We produce all kinds of special Steel wire cutting tools, clamps and wire straightening dies.

Be sure to ask for our possibilities.