Plunger tips

Copper plunger tips are used in the heart of a die cast machine and is a very important part. Plunger tips are forcing liquid aluminum or magnesium into the mold. With a high quality copper alloy you will have the best life-time results.

Copper bars

In our production we produce copper bars in diameter 40mm until 200mm. Other sizes can be requested. We keep many sizes in stock, please ask our team for the availability.

Copper finished plunger tips

With our in-house CNC cells we offer the possibility to machine the plunger tip to your drawing.
There are a couple of good benefits when we can do the machining for you like: no waste material, no failure costs, low machining cost, less weight for transport.
If you are interested, please send us your drawing.


All of our Brocadur® copper will be forced and machined in our factory. With this forging process we make the grain size finer, which improves the mechanical properties and the life span of the plunger tip.

Ultrasonic test

After the copper has been forged, we are ultra-sonically testing all items to avoid porosity. We produce all our plunger according to international standards and specifications.

Brocadur® high performance copper alloys

Brocadur® CNCS
Brocadur® CCNB
Brocadur® B20