Shot sleeves

For standard and optimized steel sleeves you can send us your demands. If you provide us your casting data, as casting, weight, cycle time, filling ratio and type of lubrication. With this information we are able to calculate and send you a proposal on an optimized sleeve design.

Our shot sleeves are produced by using a W.Nr 1.2345 hot-work steel, heat treated in vacuum to 45 HRC, and surface nitided using NITOP nitriding process. Special steel on request.

Standard quality sleeves

Shot sleeves are manufactured upon demand (based on your technical drawing), or can be ordered as our standard-type product.

Optimized quality sleeves

With your provided casting data we can calculate the correct clearances for homogenous thermo expansion of your sleeve.


We can offer you a thermoregulation in the right place to increase the life time of the sleeve and to de-crease your cycle time.

Centre ring

With a center ring we allow that the shot sleeve alignment under working conditions.