Golden Spot spare parts

Short lead times
High-quality alloys
Custom-made parts

Golden Spot manufactures a variety of welding machines for which it is useful to have spare parts on hand. This company is a leading brand in the industry, which means they deliver high-quality solutions. But even for high-end machinery, spare parts are a necessity. Brouwer Metaal can provide you with custom parts for your Golden Spot welding machines.

Tailormade Golden Spot spare parts

When it comes to maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your Golden Spot machinery, generic parts just won’t do. That’s why we provide customised Golden Spot spare parts, tailored to fit your specific model and application. We manufacture spare parts based on the specifications you provide us with, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. If you need electrodes for spot welding, for example, we can manufacture them for you. We offer the same services for welding transformers. With our precision-matched spare parts, you can extend the life of your Golden Spot machinery, reduce downtime, and ensure consistent, high-quality results in your welding projects.


Ask our experienced sales team!

Which copper alloy do you need for your electrodes, electrode holders and other copper spare parts.
For these questions you can ask our experienced sales team, and together we can choose from the follow copper alloy: Brocadur E-cu, CuCrZr, CuCoBe, CuCoNiBe, Tungsten copper.

Contact us for custom quotes and expert advice

Make the most of our services as a trusted supplier. We invite you to request a detailed quote or seek expert advice by phoning +31 3184 37 001. Our team of specialists is on hand to provide you with the guidance you need to select the right Golden Spot spare parts for your machines. Contact us to discover how our tailored solutions can keep your welding equipment running at its best.