Schlatter electrodes

Short lead times
High-quality alloys
Custom-made parts

Do you need Schlatter or MBK electrodes or electrode holders to replace the ones currently in your machine? Or do you simply want some spare ones so you can replace the parts right away when necessary? In both cases Brouwer Metaal will gladly help you acquire the electrodes you need. We can produce a wide variety of electrodes and electrode holders for machines from Schlatter, MBK and other brands.

Schlatter electrodes, electrode holders and other parts for welding machines

Schlatter mainly produces welding machines for production plants in a variety of industries. For a Schlatter machine you need electrodes or electrode holders, but of course these machines also contain other parts, like:


Ask our experienced sales team!

Which copper alloy do you need for your electrodes, electrode holders and other copper spare parts.
For these questions you can ask our experienced sales team, and together we can choose from the follow copper alloy: Brocadur E-cu, CuCrZr, CuCoBe, CuCoNiBe, Tungsten copper.

MBK electrodes that are delivered quickly

MBK is one of the leading manufacturers of cage welding equipment, which requires electrodes, electrode holders and many other parts. Brouwer Metaal makes sure you receive electrodes that perfectly fit your MBK machine. You do not have to wait long for these parts. We produce our own cores and this enables us to deliver MBK, Schlatter and other electrodes with lead times as short as four weeks.

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Do you want us to provide you with Schlatter, MBK or other electrodes? Or would you like to make use of our other services? We do not only offer many different kinds of parts, but we are also here for you when you need technical advice. Contact us for more information or a quotation. You reach us by phoning +31 3184 37 001 or by sending an email to