MBK spare parts

Short lead times
High-quality alloys
Custom-made parts

If you own an MBK, MEP or Progress machine, you may need spare parts from time to time. Of course, these machines and their parts are of excellent quality, but due to frequent use some parts need replacing every now and then. When that is the case you can get the MBK, MEP or Progress spare parts you need from Brouwer Metaal. We produce spare parts for a variety of brands and can provide you with every part you need.

MBK spare parts for the concrete and building industry

MBK produces welding machines for the concrete and building industry. We produce spare parts that are needed to keep these MBK machines in excellent condition. Simply provide us with a drawing, sketch or sample and we will manufacture the parts you need..

Ask our experienced sales team!

Which copper alloy do you need for your electrodes, electrode holders and other copper spare parts.
For these questions you can ask our experienced sales team, and together we can choose from the follow copper alloy: Brocadur E-cu, CuCrZr, CuCoBe, CuCoNiBe, Tungsten copper.

MEP spare parts for machines that cut, bend and reinforce

MEP produces mesh machinery for cutting, bending and reinforcing. This means that you need very different spare parts for an MEP machine than for an MBK machine for instance. Thanks to our flexibility and expertise we can also provide you with the right spare parts for your MEP machine. You will not even have to wait long for these parts, thanks to our short lead times.

Spare parts for machines from Progress and other brands

Progress creates a wide variety of machinery for rebar processing, which means you need equally varied spare parts. Thanks to the fact that we create parts to your specifications, we always have the exact parts you need. This goes for progress spare parts, but of course also for parts for machines of other brands, such as:

Inquire about the possibilities

Whether you want MBK, MEP or Progress spare parts: we can deliver whatever you need. Contact us by phoning +31 3184 37 001 or by sending an email to info@brouwermetaal.com and inquire about the possibilities. Our experts are excited to get you the right spare parts for your Progress, MEP of MBK machines!