EVG (aftermarket)

Octogal electrode

This Austrian company is one of the worlds leading companies for as it has a wide range of (welding) machines for the welded mesh and reinforcing industries. For more than 20 years we produce many aftermaket copper spare parts for these machines.

Please feel free to contact us about any parts you need. We are able to offer you these parts according to your drawings, photos or samples.


This is the most replaceable copper part on the welding machine. This is because the electrodes get worn during the welding process. The right combination of hardness, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity is necessary.

If you are looking for electrodes with a longer life time, please let us know so that we are able to give you our advice.

Electrode holders

The electrodes will be kept in their place on the machine by the electrode holder. This copper part does not wear so much and can be produced in many softer copper alloy's like CuCrZr or E-Cu.

To improve the electrical conductivity it's possible to silver plate the connection surfaces for your holders.

Laminated shunts and current bridges

These flexible shunts are used in the machine to bring over the welding current to the electrode holders. They do not wear like the electrodes but should also be maintained if necessary or re-placed.

Welding transformers

The welding transformers are the heart of the machine and can be damaged through pollution or overload. Brouwer Metaal can help you with replacement.

Brocadur® high performance copper alloys

We produce various copper alloys for electrodes, electrode holders and other parts. You can find them here on the right hand side under "copper alloys''. If you don't know which copper alloy you need, please feel free to contact our experienced sales team and they will help you to find the right alloy.



In our factory we are able to produce according to your samples or drawings. Don't hesitate to contact us about what we are able to offer you.

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