Projection welding

projection welding

With projection welding the current will be concentrated by using dents, or projections in one of the work pieces. The heat will be concentrated at the projections, which gives the possibility to weld more welds at a closer spacing or heavier sections. Sometimes projection welding will be used to avoid damage to one of the work piece surfaces due to the fact that flat electrodes are used in this process.


Let us know what your electrode looks like and we are able to machine it according to your drawing or sample.

Copper bars

If you prefer to machine the electrodes yourself, then we could offer you copper bars in different forms and dimensions. Let us know which size and material you need material and we will advise you on the best option.

Laminated shunts

Each welding machine contains a laminated shunt or an air/water cooled cable. This current lead normally has a long lifespan but when it needs to be replaced we could offer you a new one or we could check/investigate if the part can be repaired.

Brocadur® high performance copper alloys

For electrodes we offer copper alloys like CuCrZr, CuCoBe, CuCoNiBe from which you can find the date sheets under downloads on the right hand side.


In our factory we are able to produce according to your samples or drawings. Don't hesitate to contact us about what we are able to offer you.

Projection welding images