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Alrotec system

Alrotec plunger systems are developed to improve the lifetime of standard plunger tip, to save costs, to produce more aluminium/magnesium components in same production period. We have over 20 years experienced and in those year we have developed several types' like ARP, ABS. 

Advantages of our plunger tips

1) Improved lifetime of plunger tips > lower cost per casting.
2) The plunger tip has an improved cooling > less cycletime, less wear.(plunger tip and sleeve)

Advantages in the production

1) Cycle time reduction, more casting parts can be made in same production period.
2) Less machine downtime.
3) Longer lifetime from shot sleeve due to less wear.

Plunger tip

Can be made from copper or steel. Both materials has its positive reasons to us.
The advantage of copper is that the thermic conductivity is much better this mean less expansion than steel, but steel is harder than copper. 


During the working stroke of the plunger tip the aluminium will get between the bodytip and the steel spring ring. This will forced the ring against the wall of the sleeve and prevent that aluminium will pass trough. After solidification stage of the aluminium the plunger tip will pasted the casting out. The spring ring will go outside the sleeve, opens and relieved the casting from the tip.

Piston holder  

The piston holder produced out of stainless steel is equiped with bayonett system which reduced the change over time of tips.

The cooling system

The optimized cooling garantee a constant flow of cooling water started on point where it is most important. Front of the plunger tip and is an integrated in as well the piston holder as plunger tip. Due to this optimized system we can decrease the solidification time and therefore the cycle time of casting.


With the ABS-R plunger we can provide you the best solution for vacuum casting. Everyday we are learning new improvement, please check regularly our website or don't hesitate to contact us.




In our factory we are able to produce according to your samples or drawings. Don't hesitate to contact us about what we are able to offer you.

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