Aluminium Bronze

aluminium bronze

The Copper-aluminium alloys, commonly known as Aluminium Bronzes, are a range of copper-based alloys in which aluminium up to 14% is the primary alloying element. In addition, other major alloying elements are nickel, iron, manganese and silicon. Varying the proportions of these results in a range of alloys to meet a wide variety of engineering requirements.

The aluminium bronzes are a family of copper-based alloys offering a combination of mechanical and chemical properties unmatched by any other alloy series. This feature often makes aluminium bronzes the first choice and sometimes the only logical choice for demanding applications.

Recommended for wear, abrasion and fatigue applications, such as worm gears, worm wheels, bushings, tie bar nuts, adjusting nuts, collets, plungers, pump rods, valve seats, sleeve bearings and guide pin bushings.

-Bending, drawing and forming dies for processing stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium and magnesium.

- Wear parts under heavy compressive loads, cam rollers and followers
Plastic mould applications requiring maximum metal-to-metal wear resistance, e.g. ejector and core pins

- Ejector sleeves and bushings
- Sliding and rotating mould components

- Deep drawing dies for stainless and low carbon steels
- Forming dies for manufacturing of bumpers, stainless steel sinks and barrels, service trays,    washing tumblers, etc...
- Forming rolls, bending and wiping blocks
- Wear applications under high compression loads

- Deep drawing dies for stainless and low carbon steels
- Forming rolls under great stresses and extreme pressure
- Die material for forming stainless steel kettle necks

- Bending dies (shoes, wiper dies and mandrels) for tube industry
- Wear plates, gibs and ejector sleeves in the plastic mould industry

Brocadur® high performance aluminium bronzes

Brocadur®  AB170
Brocadur®  AB300
Brocadur®  AB350
Brocadur®  AB418
Brocadur®  AB275M


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